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Michael Etherly is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist whose equestrian career began at age four. While he has successfully competed in jumping and eventing, Michael's love is dressage.

For more than a decade Michael has worked with Olympic medalist Steffen Peters and he considers Steffen his mentor. From his training with Steffen, as well as clinicians such as Christine Traurig, Michael Poulin, Robert Dover, Debbie MacDonald and Dietric Von Hopffgarten, Michael has developed a successful program that helps horses and riders steadily progress through the levels.

In addition to his experience in North America, Michael has trained in Europe with some of the sport's luminaries, including Jean Bemelmans, coach of numerous Olympic medalists.

Michael has brought along numerous young horses, nearly a dozen of his horses have reached the FEI levels and his students have earned numerous USDF Regional Championships, as well as USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Accomplished students of Michael's include:

  • Karin Reid Offield -USDF Bronze*, Silver* and Gold* medalist
  • Genay Vaughn - USDF Bronze* medalist
  • Michele Vaughn - USDF Bronze and Silver* medalist
  • Jennifer Schrader - USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist
  • Jessica Rattner - USDF Bronze and Silver medalist
  • Carolynne Smith - dressage trainer/instructor

*These honors were earned while under Michael's tutelage

Michael considers a few areas his specialties:

  • Teaching correct rider position.
  • Explaining the half-halt.
  • Starting young horses.
  • Working with stallions.
  • Bringing out the brilliance in FEI horses.
  • Helping riders accomplish their goals, from first level to grand prix.

Michael is now accepting clients at his new farm in Oregon City, OR and booking clinic dates. He can also help you find the horse of your dreams. Whether you need a suibable first level horse or are looking for an international schoolmaster, Michael will find you the horse you need.

To contact Michael please call (916) 807-0001 or email .

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Michael Etherly Dressage would like to wish a huge congratulations to our excellent manager, Erin Brennan, for getting accepted into law school. We are very sad that she will be moving on, but we wish her all the best in this new and exciting phase in her life. Update: Erin has successfully passed the California State Bar exam - Congratulations!

Now, for all business correspondance please contact Michael at .